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Our Associates and Partners are selected among those professionally distinguished in their respective fields of expertise, financial, international, aviation and marine. The lawyers who are part of our staff share the profound conviction that the civil law and the humanistic culture are the necessary assumptions for the education of a lawyer, regardless of the branch of law that subsequently the same professional chooses to practice. Therefore, we support our select clientele, mainly companies and entities, in and out of court, safeguarding their rights.

We are structured into three main areas of advice:

With specific addresses:

We defend objectives from 1992

The firm operates through close collaboration with its Partners, well known tax, financial, risk management and labor professionals. It’s able to provide its customers with integrated support and advice both out of court, and judicial till the High Courts.


Article. 24 of the Constitution provides that the defense is an inviolable and inalienable right, as well as the right to health. Therefore the professions of lawyer and doctor, have a special importance, a constitutional protection that no other profession has in our system. The profession of Advocate is then characterized by the relationship of trust with the client, from the professional secrecy to the autonomy and independence of advocacy.

Aware, as well as proud of our high task, we conceive the profession as a daily confirmation of competence, conscience, sense of duty, honesty, dignity and culture. These are not just words related to the basic principles for the professional, but also the pillars on which the founder Giovanni Spinapolice has built his work and firm in more than 20 years of activity.

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