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The Studio Spinapolice & Partners is a group of professionals in the legal field and multidisciplinary, directed and coordinated by the attorney Giovanni Spinapolice, founder of the law firm in 1992. We work to face the current legal landscape with high skills and proficiency, by providing efficient answers to the numerous requests from our clients.


Spinapolice & Partners


Many times it is essential not only as a prevention, but also in order to defend judicially your violated rights or endangered rights, relating different legal matters and in front of common and administrative law authorities.
Our added value is team work, every dispute is followed by a lawyer strictly supported by an expert, our partner. So nothing escapes the examination of the dispute.

dip finanziario


Our objective is to provide overall consultancy services to companies and individuals; a "Departments" organised and specialised in financial matters examines relations between the Bank and the Client. We also intervene in assisting companies in getting financing for the reconstruction or a start-up.

Spinapolice & Partners

Internazional Desk

Our team in Italy and abroad has a precise task: to follow through Italian companies, give the necessary legal and fiscal assistance in all the processes of internationalisation and the support in the start up phases, the planning and the reinforcement of objectives.

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Business Creativity

The greatest enterpreneurs in the history were visionaries, they began with an idea, managing to outline its limits and potentials before even succeeding. They've managed to transform the idea, making it workable and feasible, with a clear projection of future scenario, mirroring their ideals, values and aspirations. We create business projects and set up businessmen and financiers interested in the deal.


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Company Law

You cannot make it without providing a deft, performative and affordable company structure, even in the fiscal, contributory and work aspect. You cannot do without the qualified support to solve the internal or external problems. You cannot turn down a team of professionals and experts who help you reach the right decision and preset the goals. We offer consultancy assistance and services in extraordinary situations, staff reorganisation, debt reconstruction, changes on the top, all the requirements that a company needs to deal with, and we work to trasform these into opportunities.

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Banking & Finance

The brench of law that deals with the banking and finance is highly codified; it is in constant development and it's not easy to comprehend it if you're not a qualified operator. Unfortunately, the rights are often violated in the name of speculation. Almost always financial products or bank contracts are affected by vices and anomalies. We discover them and spur them to make violation claims. Our lawyers work in costant accord with our consultants, experts in surveys who have long and attested experience.

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Sanitary & Pharmaceutical

In order to analyse and intervene on the healthcare structure in question, we gather around the table a team of professionals with long and attested experience: lawyers, consultants, managers in business administration, job consultants for the staff reconstruction, relations with authorities and trade unions, doctors and managers who offer a different vision, a more performative vision throughout the reorganisation and rationalisation process of the structure, of the hospital stay and the attached costs.

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Navigation & Aviation

Lloyd's of London is included amongst the law offices accredited in the resolution of car accidents and injuries, and other events guaranted by insurance. Our team of lawyers supports all of the activities connected to civil aviation. Our activities range from damages to risk and asset management to providing the technical evaluation and analysis of every legal aspect connected to it, underlining its potential problems.

Spinapolice & Partners

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Spinapolice & Partners - USBOOK 2013

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Via del Corso 433/D
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+39 06 68.21.6386
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