Navigation & Aviation

Navigation and Aviation

Lloyd's of London is included amongst the law offices accredited in the resolution of car accidents and injuries, and other events guaranted by insurance.

Our team of lawyers supports all of the activities connected to civil aviation. Our activities range from damages to risk and asset management to providing the technical evaluation and analysis of every legal aspect connected to it, underlining its potential problems.

Working closely with our consultants, we provide service without continuity solution, starting from the definition of damages in the area of insurance coverage Corpi and civil responsability to forensic engineering.

We also do consultancy work during sales of aircrafts and drafting of contracts, as well as consultancy in negotiations with and for airport management authorities, Airtraffic control Authorities and Authorities for Assistance on the ground (ENAV and ENAC), and all the relevant associations ( for example ASSOAEROPORTI).

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