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"Our added value is team work, every dispute is followed by a lawyer strictly supported by an expert, our partner. So nothing escapes the examination of the dispute."


The needs that arise to conduct an activity such as the entrepreneurial one - become increasingly complex and difficult - are demanding and varied. To maintain high performance standards and ferrying companies towards their goals, it is now always necessary prior legal advice.

It is essential to not only a prevention work, but also judicial defense to protect companies’ rights - violated or at risk- in the different fields of law and in front of the different bodies of Civil Justice, administrative and labor.

Most of the time, therefore, the matters discussed require a complex opinion, resulting from a multidisciplinary consultation. Just as often, experience shows that target different professionals and consult them separately, or hope that they conclusive and profitable do so among them, can be difficult and represent a critical factor in addition to the main problem.

Hence the need to form the legal division, that we can define the best and most agile organizational tool to provide multidisciplinary professional: a single point of contact for the client, represented by a Senior responsible of the division management, who plans the strategies with his staff and further coordinates their activities. In the following pages you can see the various areas of the business that we deal with as well as finding many other information of our Law Firm.

Our main professional and specialist activities

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