"Justice for the individual, even the most humble, is all. The rest comes later. "

Mahatma Gandhi, Young India, 1919/1932

Lawer Giovanni Spinapolice

Graduated in Law in 1988 at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, member of the Bar of the Court of Foggia in 1993 and the Bar of Cassation in 2005.

Expert in civil, corporate and banking law, he received a Master in Corporate Law a Master in Business Advocacy (MF Master) in Rome, a Master in Business Contract and a Master of Performing Arts in Law.

Lecturer at the University of Foggia, Faculty of Economics, within the Master of Law in Taxation and banking.

Speaker at conferences and seminars organized by companies active in in the financial intermediation sector.

Founder of the SLS Law Firm first, than founder of the Spinapolice & Partners Law Firm.

The values of our team

Lawyers, researchers, teachers, employees at the library for research case law of the Firm, are some of the specific professional synergies that we have.

Becoming part of our team is something that must be gained over time. Cultural preparation, professional path, enthusiasm, determination, loyalty and ability to work in a group are just some of the requirements that distinguish us.

Be cohesive, close-knit and motivated, puts us in a position of privilege in the care of the interests of our clients and give them competent and efficient answers.

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